The Medieval Magazine: Richard’s Final Journey (Issue 8)

The Medieval Magazine: Richard’s Final Journey (Issue 8)

This week’s issue takes a look at Richard III’s final journey as his body his take through Leicestershire before it is buried this Thursday at Leicester Cathedral. Read our own account of the day, and take a look at how historians, present and past, have viewed the last Plantagenet King of England. We also have a great article on using Twitter to talk about history, the genetic map of England, and Craigmillar Castle in Scotland.

Inside this issue:

Thousands Witness King Richard III’s Final Journey

The Road to Richard: The Reburial of the Last Plantagenet

How History has Viewed Richard III

Researchers create genetic map of the British Isles

Medieval cesspit in Jerusalem reveals 15th century diseases

How to Make 24 Herring Pies for the King of England

and more…

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