The Medieval Magazine: Medicine in the Middle Ages (Issue 40)

The Medieval Magazine: Medicine in the Middle Ages (Issue 40)

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For our fortieth issue we focus on medieval medicine, with a feature article on how a 13th century surgeon treated brain injuries, and what Isidore of Seville wrote about medicine in the 7th century. You can also read about gargoyles, saints, Nicholas of Cusa, Eleanor of Castile, and what’s new at the Getty.

Medieval Brain Surgery

What to do if your patient was suffering from a fractured skull? In writings from the late 13th-century, a surgeon notes the risky procedures that can be attempted, and how challenging it was for medieval people to practice brain surgery.

Oxford researchers to reveal the stories behind medieval religious relics

The University of Oxford is set to become a world-leading centre in the study of ancient and medieval Christian relics.

Glosses made by Nicholas of Cusa discovered in Vatican Library manuscript

A historian has identified a new set of annotations and commentaries made by German philosopher and theologian Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), in the margins of the manuscript Vaticano Latino 4071 in the Vatican Apostolic Library, following his reading of a Latin Qu’ran.

King Edward III as Dad

Military successes overseas, domestic calm, but the creator of the Order of the Garter’s biggest achievement … was being a good father!

Gargoyles: Mysterious Monsters of the Middle Ages

I love gargoyles. While there are so many beautiful pieces of sculpture that have survived the Middle Ages, like so many people, I’m drawn to those strange and ugly funny faces, not least of all because I can’t figure out what they’re for.

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