How to have a Medieval Hairstyle

How to have a Medieval Hairstyle

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Janet Stephens, one of the world’s leading experts on historical hairstyles, has released a medieval hairdressing tutorial, based on a 14th century painting by Simone Martini in Siena.

Excerpt: I will be using the following tools: a grooming comb, a short hair bodkin, a length of narrow code or ribbon, a length of wool thread the same colour as the hair, a translucent rectangular veil, and a sharp t-pin. This hairstyle can be arranged by the wearer herself and their are likely many other ways or arranging it. This is the one I prefer.

Janet Stephens, a Baltimore-based hairdresser and amateur archaeologist, has had over 500 000 people watch her videos that explain how to create hairstyles from various historical periods, including several from Ancient Greek and Roman periods. She has been featured in media several times, including this report from AFP:

You can see some of her other historical hairstyles, including:

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It appears that the @artinstitutechi recorded Roman hairstyle archaeologist Janet Stephens’ lecture. http://t.co/BEOOpKwwpe

— Sarah Bond (@SarahEBond) December 1, 2013

Today I’m mesmerised by Janet Stephens, the hairdressing archaeologist. Can’t beat hair tutorials with bibliography. https://t.co/6iPtYROQfn

— Katherine McDonald (@Katherine_McDon) November 10, 2014

Watch Janet Stephens recreate Cleopatra’s hairstyle: http://t.co/hMjw0PupNB See her lecture on Ancient Hairdressing this Thu., 6-7 pm. #FREE

— Walters Art Museum (@walters_museum) September 28, 2014

Check out the work of Janet Stephens, hairstyle archaeologist, recreating Romain hairstyles http://t.co/z2jqf6ql71

— SJ Elliott (@MuseumGirlSarah) April 4, 2014

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