The verity of facts depicted in Braveheart

The verity of facts depicted in Braveheart

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The verity of facts depicted in Braveheart

By Lenka Belejova

PREŠOVSKÁ UNIVERZITA V PREŠOVE ,Filozofická fakulta, STUDENTSKÁ VEDECKÁ KONFERENCIA Zborník príspevkov – University of Prešov Faculty of Arts, Student Scientific Conference Proceedings (2012)


It is almost impossible to live in present world without gathering, producing, passing and providing the huge amount of information. Nowaday, people ́s perception is attracted by variety of communication channels, for example: internet, television, radio, mobile phones and many others. We have an opportunity to read, watch, copy and use all provided information. But is it safe? Are all facts provided in massmedia true? Of course not. The more data we have, the more careful we should be. There is a growing importance of distinguishing between fiction and reality, present and past, fun and danger.

The topic that was chosen to show the reader a difference between fact and fiction is very close to both of these areas. History can be sometimes presented partly as fiction. Although it is an exact science, history can be interpreted in many ways depending on the subjective view of historians and scientists. When watching the film, you will also feel like it really happened in this way. But it did not. In fact, drama, adventure and action films hardly ever portray real historical facts, which we tried to prove in this thesis by studying the movie Braveheart.

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