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Early Modern England

Early Modern England

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EarlyModernEngland.com covers the history of England from the late fifteenth century to the end of the Victorian Era. You can find news, articles, videos and books about monarchs like Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Charles II and George III, the expansion of the British Empire and great writers of the Victorian period.

Some of the posts you can read on Early Modern England include:

Witches, Wives and Mothers: witchcraft persecution and women’s confessions in seventeenth-century England – Many problems arise in using documents relating to witchcraft trials in general and these confessions in particular as source material. We have no records left directly by the women themselves.

Anne Boleyn: witch, bitch, temptress, feminist – Anne Boleyn wasn’t exactly a Protestant, but she was a reformer, an evangelical; and the sixth finger, which no one saw in her lifetime, was a fragment of black propaganda directed at her daughter, Elizabeth I.

A Clash of Wills: Napoleon vs. Wellington, 1808-1815 – For nearly twenty years, Napoleon Bonaparte was the master of Europe. However, as time went on, his enemies gradually learned how to fight and defeat him on the battlefield. One such rival was the Duke of Wellington.

Scholar discovers 16th-century love poem written by an Englishwoman – The erotic-love poem seems to have been by a Roman Catholic woman and sent to a Protestant scholar who was the tutor to Edward VI.

Charles Dickens: Biography and Works – Charles Dickens was born on February 7th, 1812 in Landport, Portsmouth, England, the second of eight children, to John and Elizabeth Dickens.

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